Night shifts in the nuthouse

I. MorningLines   All day long I wait in lines  They wake me up before 8 they need to check my vital signs  So I rise to stand in line, to wait to feel the clench and release of the blood pressure cuff  ‘Congratulations’ they viciously rip velcro, ‘you’re alive  Thank god  Before they confirm it every morning, I’m never sure

II.CigsCigarettes never last long enough  I drag the dregs of what’s left of mine and join the line to re-enter the perpetual waiting room to wait for nothing  Read yesterday’s paper enact scenes from the DMV:  Take a number, move up  Next line, meds line – paper cups  Paper cups filled with too many little pills  Paper cups, bottoms up  Tip it back, chug it down  Down  Open wide, display:  Yes I swallowed Good Girl.

III.AcceptPaper cups make chem trails  My head dense and thick with fog  I want to lay down but my room is missing  I try to call it but the phone cord is too short can’t hear what the tiny voice on the other end is saying  Apparently I’m wearing only one sock though I coulda sworn I put on two…But I guess that’s why I’m in the nuthouse.


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