To All My Traveling DJ Homies-

What would all of you do if this plane landed in Ibiza? And police started boarding to take that crazy Welsh kid to jail? What would you do if during that exact moment, Twitter discontinued itself for the next 24 hours? How would anyone know? Would anyone know? (Yeah because you’re a fucking wizard, that’s how).

Boomtastic; a hectic new world order [it’s not too late to save your soul] snapapicture: come see what we’re all about – the Smile Girls, the Beltway Bandits, Mama’s Music Makers. Sound Remedy. Liquid Strangers. “Here have some love”, embrace face value and keep it rolling. Slow roll ride, promote local love, positive vibes, bass-laced culture tracks club life; please just respect this – Let the music lead. ‘Exit this way’ glares red but instead, circle round and start again.

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