Untitled, just like me

Your true self is there, just buried,

Underneath all those emotions

The ones you can’t ever let yourself feel.






Align. Breathe. Live. It’s all fucking bullshit. You don’t even experience happiness, just bouts of mania – you can’t even define what happiness is, what it’s supposed to feel like – you don’t know so how are you ever supposed to get there? You’ve never had a compass, or a map, or

even a goddamn sense of direction, trying to reach a destination you’ve never even seen before- you got nothing.

Stay strong. You are a warrior, scream that to the sky. Carve a semi-colon into every tree so everyone will believe you; your story isn’t over.


Do you believe you yet?

Me neither

Keep breathing and breathing and breathing and breathing and

Apparently hyperventilating is better than not breathing at all.


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