We’re mad and apparently magic. But we’re definitely all mad there. Dreaming of sunny daze, a new soul, reclaimed brick and boxcar wood, vinyl. [it’s all for the love of music, music making, music for Good] Sooner is better than perfect and it’s time to speak up for the Music. YOU AIN’T SCRATCHIN WITH THAT DAMN CDJ FOOL! And my mind is officially blown blue ; rise up, throat out. Howl.

Magic. Manic. love? Was Icarus bipolar too?

Artists compound, literary geniuses unite – toast, share how they’ve come to master the art of peeing in a bottle because it’s easier than asking to pull over.. these freight trains and dead heads, dreadheads.. (It’s always either dealing drugs or signing on) that lost, lonely footage..hiding. Get your set up going and run maps with me. In here? We’re frozen where people spend 20$ to get high but can’t spend 10$ on live music? Mic check.


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